MP3 CD Converter Professional 5.03
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MP3 CD Converter Professional 5.03

MP3 Converter is intended to record music CDs from MP3 files
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Optical disks have already replaced old vinyl records,so that old record players have become almost museum pieces. Optical disc technology has been taking quick steps towards bigger storage capacities. Meanwhile, new software technologies have also developed to store sound with an almost lossless quality.

MP3 Converter is intended to record music CDs from MP3 files. Let me say here that when an audio track is ripped into an MP3 file, there is a certain quality loss, however undetectable for the average human ear. So, what is the point in converting from MP3 to standard CD audio tracks? Although most modern disc players are capable of playing MP3 files – thus allowing you to store an enormous amount of music in just a single CD – there are still some players that will only play music CDs. It is in this case that you will find that MP3 Converter may come in handy.

This program’s interface is quite similar to other CD burners’ ones. There is a navigation pane from which you select the MP3 files you want to include in your music CD. It will let you adjust the burning speed or simulate the process before it actually starts burning the disc. In addition, you can ask the program to normalize the tracks to a given percentage to guarantee that all tracks will play at the same volume.

Other functions include importing audio tracks from various CDs to create a compilation of your favorite music. The program will let you create labels for your CDs using a very easy-to-use tool. It also allows erasing rewritable discs and changing the interface language.

One limitation of this software tool is that it will always burn your files to disc – it would be better if it would also let users save disc images to their hard drive.

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  • It does not allow creating disc images


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